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Classic Latex Gloves - Black - size S + M - Sample Sale

$46.00 $65.00

Sample Sale. Fault in latex

Original Price: £50
Discounted Price: £35

Brand new, unworn but has a few bubbles/bumps in the latex  

Elegant latex molded wrist gloves, a must for your latex wardrobe - they feel sensational!

The quality of this latex is really lovely. We looked far and wide for the best quality gloves with the nicest feel and found these premium gloves, you will notice the difference!

To ensure that you choose the size to fit you best, measure around the 4 knuckles of your hand in inches.

  • 7" / small size measurements: 

    • 18cm: Knuckle
    • 14-16cm: Wrist
  • 7.5" / medium size measurements: 

    • 19cm: Knuckle
    • 15-17cm: Wrist

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