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Over the Knee Stirrup Sport Socks - Bubblegum Pink & White - L - Sample Sale

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Pink/White - L / UK14

Sample Sale. Perfect condition. 

Original Price: £115
Discounted Price: £60

Brand new. 

Go team!

Perfectly tailored latex over the knee socks with two stripe detail at top.

The toeless and heelless stirrup style was developed for comfort, and because we found from experience that the toes and heels are usually the first part of the stocking to damage. If you'd like them toe-less only then this is also an option.

Made using fine gauge latex for the best fit and feel.

  • Leg length, from heel on the floor to ankle, calf & stocking top
  • Thigh circumference at stocking top
  • Calf circumference (at widest part)
  • Ankle Circumference
  • Shoe size
  • Your height

Pictured in Pink with White, White with Jade Green and White with Baby Pink.

  • L / UK14 / US10

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