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Harlequin Stockings


Beautifully crafted latex Circus-girl stockings with appliquéd harlequin pattern.

Perfectly tailored with back-seam and reinforced top. The harlequin pattern is hand cut and appliquéd on for durability.

Can be worn as hold ups, or with suspenders. Optional stocking top hold up tabs (a little boning insert at the top of the stockings) can be added to prevent the stockings from rolling down.

Made using fine gauge latex.

All stockings are made to order. For perfectly tailored custom fit stockings select "custom" size and supply full leg measurements of:

  • Leg length, from your heel on the floor to ankle, calf & stocking top
  • Thigh circumference at stocking top
  • Calf circumference (at widest part)
  • Ankle Circumference
  • Shoe size
  • Your height

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