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Underbust Corset Black + Silver 22" Small 10


Classic Chic - a true latex "wear with everything" piece.

Waist reducing, body shaping, steel boned latex under-bust corset with no front fastening, meaning a smooth front.

Lady Lucie corsets are beautifully constructed, durable corsets, features include;

  • 1" rigid heavy steel front boning,
  • adjustable lace-up 2 part eyelet back
  • 9 panels construction
  • 12 steel bones (rigid at front & back, flexible spiral wire at sides)
  • Maximum thickness latex
  • Reinforced waist tape section

Corsets are made to reduce the natural waist by up to 4”. For example, if your waist naturally measures 28” you will fit a 24” corset. If your waist measures 25” you should round down and inch to fit into a 20” corset. 

Modesty panel comes as standard.

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