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Latex Prep/Clean/Finish

Congratulations on your purchase of a Lady Lucie Latex item!

Your purchase will arrive with you in its natural “talced” state, so once you have tried it on and checked the fit you will need to first wash, and then polish your latex using Silicone lube.
The shine products that we recommend highly, and stock at are Vivishine, and Pjur Cult dressing aid.

Washing / Polishing your latex:

Approx Preparation Time = 5 minutes (excluding drying time)

When you receive your latex the sheet latex we use has a coating of fine talcum powder all over it, which protects it and stops it from sticking to itself. If there are traces of this on the latex when it is being worn it will affect the shine.

1- To polish your new latex to a photo-shoot standard gloss finish, you will need to hand wash it in a sinkfull of warm water, using a little mild detergent (washing up liquid is fine) this will remove the talcum powder. Do this by swishing it around in the water and rubbing the surface gently with your hands, wash inside and outside.
2- Next, rinse the latex thoroughly in fresh warm water. 

If you are using Pjur cult: Polish you should next hang the latex up to drip dry on plastic or wooden hangers (not metal), turning the garment inside out so it dry's on both sides. Or you can use a soft lint-free cloth to dry your item, rubbing gently in circular motions. Once dry the ltex will be in its natural, sticky state, you will need to rub some pjur on the inside of the garment using your hands or a soft cloth, and then turn inside out and do the same.
If you are using Vivishine: Fill the basin again with more warm water and add some Vivishine to the water, we use 2 capfuls for a large load, and ½ a capful for a small load. For example, One dress and a pair of gloves should need approximately 1 capful. Stir the vivishine round in the water and add the rinsed latex swishing it around as well as lifting the latex fully out of the water, the idea is for the oil in the water to thouroughly coat all over the surface of the latex. Then hang the latex up to drip dry on plastic or wooden hangers, turning the garment inside out to make sure it dry's properly. Once your items are dry, they will already have good shine to them from the vivishine coating. You can now wear them, or store them ready to wear next time.


- For tight fitting garments, when it comes to wearing the outfit, take a small amount of Pjur and rub some on your skin, especially on the parts of most friction, this will help it glide on easily. 
- If you have long fingernails getting a pair of cotton gloves might be helpful to protect from ripping.
- Once dressed, if you don't feel shiny enough you can rub some more pjur on the outside of the outfit, I take a handbag sample out with me to polish
- After wearing your rubber, this washing and polishing process will need to be repeated again, if you look after your latex well it will look great and serve you well.
- For some items, like hoods that are worn close to the face we would Talc the inside, and polish the outside with Pjur. For items like stockings with full feet we usually talc just inside the foot area - we find this stops the foot slipping around inside the stocking whilst walking.
- Some loose fitting latex items, like Jackets, Peplums and Circle Skirts look better is stored hanging so they do not appear creased.
- For items like corsets, they can be cleaned in this way but using a sponge - do not submerge in water.