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Latex Info & Care

Latex Construction

All items are made using latex rubber sheeting from the UK - the best quality latex in the world. Sheet latex is far superior to cheaper moulded latex items, it allows contours to be cut into the garment pattern to shape the body, and so the fit will be better. Sheet latex has a better shine than moulded latex and is less likely to split.

Latex seams are glued using strong industrial latex adhesive. All seams are smooth, clean and accurately glued.

Latex thicknesses vary depending on their suitability for garment. Fine items like stockings are made from a thin 0.25mm / 0.33mm latex. Items like dresses, catsuits and skirts made using regular or medium 0.4 / 0.5mm latex. Some trousers and jackets use heavier grade 0.6 / 0.7mm latex and more structured garments like corsets are made from our thickest, heavy grade 1.05mm latex.


  • Avoid sharp objects! Take care of fingernails, toenails and jewellery that can rip your latex. Some damage or tears may be repaired for a fee, please get in touch with pictures of the damage to enquire or for a quote.

  • Lighter coloured and translucent latex will permanently stain a brownish colour when it comes into contact with copper based items. This includes coins and jewellery - even jewellery that appears silver may contain traces of copper. It may leave a residue on your skin even if you have taken it off - so consider showering before wearing light coloured latex. 

  • Shine your latex using a water based silicone lubricant or pure silicone spray. Do not use oil or petroleum based lubricants such as baby oil or Vaseline, these will harm and degrade your garment. Avoid applying body creams and moisturisers that may contain oils before putting your latex on. Polish to a high shine using a soft cloth or your hands. Be gentle when polishing items with appliqué detail, rubbing too hard can lift the appliqué off.

  • Ensure the garment is well talced (using baby talcum powder) or lubricated (using water based silicone lubricant) before attempting to put it on. Pull on gently, taking care that fingernails, toenails or jewellery do not snag the material. For fine items like stockings wearing a pair of cotton gloves to protect the garment from fingernails when dressing is recommended.

  • As soon as possible after wear wash the garment in a very mildly soapy solution of tepid water and rinse again thoroughly with fresh water inside and out. Hang it up, away from the sun to air dry, or use a soft lint free cloth to dry your item. Leaving your item dirty with sweat and body oils will harm the latex. Some latex colours can develop a white milky sheen after being soaked in water, do not be alarmed! This is a characteristic of the latex and will disappear as soon as the latex is thoroughly dry.

  • Items should be stored at normal room temperature and out of sunlight, prolonged exposure to UV light causes deterioration and will mark your garment. When not in use, lightly talc your item, carefully fold and place the item in a plastic bag and put in a closed drawer or similar. If the item is a light coloured latex and has metal fastenings wrap these in a piece of tissue paper so that there is no contact between the fastenings and latex to avoid the possibility of staining. Light coloured and translucent latex can discolour when in direct contact with darker coloured latex so store separately.

  • If you damage or rip your latex, we may be able to repair it. We offer a full repair service for garments made by us. Please contact us at with details for a quote.

  • Click for information on preparation, cleaning and polishing your latex.

Look after your latex and it will look after you for many years to come!