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For tight fitting garments, When it comes to wearing the outfit, take a small amount of Pjur and rub some on your skin, especially on the parts of most friction, this will help it glide on easily. 
If you have long fingernails getting a pair of cotton gloves might be helpful to protect from ripping.
Once dressed, if you don't feel shiny enough you can rub some more pjur on the outside of the outfit, I take a handbag sample out with me to polish
After wearing your rubber, this washing and polishing process will need to be repeated again, if you look after your latex well it will look great and serve you well.
For some items, like hoods that are worn close to the face we would Talc the inside, and polish the outside with Pjur. For items like stockings with full feet we usually talc just inside the foot area - we find this stops the foot slipping around inside the stocking whilst walking.
Some loose fitting latex items, like Jackets, Peplums and Circle Skirts look better is stored hanging so they do not appear creased.
For items like corsets, they can be cleaned in this way but using a sponge - do not submerge in water.","uuid":"450cd37cd9df055d4d20e2f6a","lid":"8e0394d413"}) })