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Eco Statement

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Latex is a natural, eco product. Sometimes latex is mistaken for a plastic, but it is not.

Latex sheeting is made from the sustainable sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The sap it tapped from a slit in the tree, and made into latex... the latex rolls are is freighted by boat to England, or the liquid latex sap is shipped to a factory in the UK and made into latex.

I first decided to use latex at university on a research project to find eco-textiles. Latex isn't faultless but I believe its one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable materials out there.

Latex is Vegan, the materials glue & all other products are free of animal by-products.
We use plastic free packaging: wrapping in tissue paper and using Green paper padded envelopes and plastic free tape with natural rubber gum. Even the shiny coating on our postcards is biodegradable. We're not 100% perfectly plastic free but we try our best.