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Bunny Girl Bodysuit


The Ultimate Bunny girl Chic!

Beautifully constructed, waist reducing Corseted Bunny Girl Bodysuit.

We are happy to make alterations to suit your needs, for example a higher cut legline and Brazilian back to replicate the original Playboy Club uniform.

Popper crotch fastening is standard, zipper fastening may be added.

Made using the highest quality maximum thickness latex, available in a variety of different colours to suit you best. Perfect for Play Boys and Bunny Girls! 

Lady Lucie corsets are beautifully constructed, durable corsets, features include;

  • 1" rigid heavy steel front boning,
  • adjustable lace-up 2 part eyelet back
  • 9 panels construction
  • 12 steel bones (rigid at front & back, flexible spiral wire at sides)
  • Maximum thickness latex
  • Reinforced waist tape section

All of our corsets are made to reduce the natural waist by up to 4”. For example, if your waist naturally measures 28” you will fit a 24” corset. If your waist measures 25” you should round down and inch to fit into a 20” corset to ensure the best possible fit.

Pictured in Baby Pink, worn with our Bunny Girl Ears with Bow Tie Collar and Cuffs 

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