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Wonder Woman Costume


Our homage to the magnificent Linda Carter AKA Wonder Woman!

This costume includes the custom Overbust Corset with Pearl Sheen Gold applique and belt and Pearl Sheen Blue High Waisted Hotpants with White star detail.

Waist reducing, steel boned latex overbust corset. Lady Lucie corsets are beautifully constructed, durable corsets, features include; 1" rigid heavy steel front bone, adjustable lace-up 2 part eyelet back and 9 panels with 12 steel bones. Made using maximum thickness latex, doubled up at the front with reinforced waist tape section.

Corsets are made to reduce the natural waist by up to 4”. For example, if your waist naturally measures 28” you will fit a 24” corset. If your waist measures 25” you should round down and inch to fit into a 20” corset.

A modesty panel is a section of latex behind the laces to cover the skin.

Please Note!
The accessories shown in the picture are NOT included!

This listing is for 1 x Corset and 1 x Hotpants.

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